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Parodied politics? I call it flat out plagiarism of whats already on CNN and FOX news

This video is more relevant to me in my life right now that I'd wish. My passion in life is to be a musician, unless your related to someone in the industry then most likely you wonâEUTMt make it in. I ended up working a very strenuous job for many years so I could still do my passion afterwards. Until my job got so bad I had to have back surgery and couldn't do that job anymore.

Your right we are forced to conform. Ever since the 80s when it was more common for both married partners to have a job at the same time, prices went up and making ends meet is harder than it ever was.

Blordow responds:

Musicians who make a living today aren't even musicians, they're either living off doing cover songs in shitty pubs or if you make it mainstream, you get songs written for you already by the industry. There is no creative freedom in the industry, unless you're super talented, but even then, they milk you down to society's level. People need to stop relying on other people so much, make a name for yourself. Start uploading your music to the world, make a youtube account, show your friends, if your music is good then people will share it. Don't give up, imagine how it would feel if you accomplished your goal considering how difficult people might think it is to achieve.

love it

does it have a donkey punch feature?

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I actually work as a welder and I find this game very entertaining. good job!

that game remindes me of B-wings

even though its a sorta ripoff of another game, at least its cool.
Rock on!

Go0gley responds:

Whoever that other game is... I expect it to be a rip from Raiden.

Thanks anyway. :)

hey, I liked it

I liked the challange. it was a little tough getting used to it at first but when I got the hang of it I thought it was awsome. nice job dude.

XxASDF-ASDFxX responds:

5,000 points is where it gets hard

It is anatomicly incorect to be able to lick your own elbo.

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